Healthy Vegetable Pet Food from Italy!
Hypo-Allergenic Vegetable Food for Dogs & Cats.
Vegetable 100% Biodegradable Ecological.
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Scottish Salmon for Cats

The products will be shipped from two of nearest wearhouse, Los Angeles or Tokyo.

Aniwell Scottish salmon
Hhealthy and natual. Great quality. Very healthy cat food.

Cat Food

100% Organic Salmon
Easily-digested healty wet cat food.
100% Scottish Salmon
Farm-raised Scottish salmon.
100% natural
No Colorrants or additives added. No added fats.
Pre-cooked for better conservation.
    Unit Price Quantity
100g x 12 cans 0.22lbs $45

From the controlled farm: Easy for sensitive somach
AMÍ's 100% organic salmon for Cats’ full health. Only selected fresh salmon is used from a controlled farm. Imi’s products are well-known for its hypo-allegenic products, and now brings you easily-digested healthy wet cat food that are suitable even for cats with sensitive stomachs.

With the high content of protein, combined with the Omega 3 and abundant vitamin D, it constitutes a valuable food for the protection of the cardiovascular system and the dogmatized of calcium and mineralization of the skeleton.

High moisturizing ingredients make the hair shiny and visibly stronger, bringing considerable benefits to allergies, skin problems, autoimmune diseases, infections, and posttraumatic stress operators, slow down and reduce the aging process.

Feed better for better living. Very healthy cat food.
Moisture 76
Crude Protein 14.4
Crude Fats 5.6
Crude Fiber 0.1
Crude ash 1.0

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