Healthy Vegetable Pet Food from Italy!
Hypo-Allergenic Vegetable Food for Dogs & Cats.
Vegetable 100% Biodegradable Ecological.
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Cat Litter
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Ecosand: Pet Litter
Kind to the earth

Cat Food

Amì 100% Vegetable & Biodgradable

Amì is Long Lasting

Amì is Very Practical

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3kg 7lb $11.60


ECOSAND is a new pet litter, ideal for both cats and small animals, made entirely from natural plant material. ECOSAND can be disposed of down a toilet or can be used as an excellent fertilizer. It is an ecological and environmentally sustainable product. Easy to use and long lasting, it has a ball-forming clumping action. By preventing the growth of bacteria, ECOSAND eliminates unpleasant odours, is absolutely hygienic and non-toxic to both humans and animals.

Additionally, ECOSAND has a low static charge, is soft and pleasant, does not stick to the animal’s paws and will not scratch or mark the floor. Note: Your animal may need some time to get used to the change.

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